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Remembering Our Challenged and Confined


Lebanon Baptist Church Services can be viewed on our website ( select "Home Page" shift down to bottom of page and select "SERMON" icon.




Sunday School:  Begins at 8:45 AM



Sunday Worship Service:  Begins at 10:00 AM



Bible Study ends every Wednesday @7:00 PM










Sunday, September 22, 2019 - MINISTRY PICTURES

Immediately following morning service, please be present at the front of the sanctuary for your Ministry pictures.



Please remember to donate to the Missionary Drive. (See Sister Shelia Hunt for more information!)



Visiting Deacons for September: Deacons T.C. Lane and Louis Beatty, Sr


The NAACP needs your support. Become a member of the Surry County Branch this month.

See Sis. Harriett Smith for your application. 757-707-0204 (





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